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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cancer Sucks!

Cancer is hitting my family like a ton of bricks the last couple of years. It makes me sad to think about all the pain they are having to go through.  How the treatments make them sick.  Just everything about it sucks!  

I have had a cousin battle cancer for the last 2 years and now a uncle and my MIL. 
I feel helpless because I know there isn't much you can do for the person but pray.  
So I PRAY.  I PRAY A LOT AND OFTEN for them.  I pray that God wraps his arms around them and comforts them through all of this. I pray for peace for my Aunt, my Cousin's wife, my Husband.  
I pray that my little girl really understand what is going on when the time comes.  
It is hard to explain to her about things when all I want to do is hide her from the world and protect her from everything.  I pray for my Granny.  She is a strong woman and needs a shoulder to lean on.  

I ask if you are reading this please just say a quick prayer for my family right now.  We could sure use all the prayer anyone can send up there!! 

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