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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Five Question Friday #3

I am a day late on this.  Please forgive me.  I was having to go pick up a friend at the airport and that is a round trip of 5 hrs, so needless to say I wasn't online much yesterday.  

Five Question Friday is brought to you by Mama M. Head on over there and check her out and if you want to join up all the instructions are on her blog.  

My Little Life

1. Would you ever vacation alone?

I would.  I am actually hoping to get to this summer and go visit some of my friends that are in Oklahoma.  My Monk Doodle goes to her Grandma's during the summer and normally I am left at home alone so this year I think I will just travel around and visit some friends.  

2. Do you go the speed limit?

I actually go the speed limit or below it.  I don't like to speed.  And around here in no one knows how to drive correctly so going the speed limit is important in case someone flies out in front of you after running the stop sign.  The elderly women are the worst.  They just fly right through them and smile at you as they are doing it.  

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?

I use to blog on myspace alot, but it seemed that I didn't like the way it worked and no one is ever on myspace anymore including myself.  I started this blog over a year ago but never did anything on it.  So when we moved here to Mississippi, I needed something to do and then the new year start so I figured why not up my blogging.  I haven't been faithful with it on a daily basis but I think that once I get in the habit of it I will get it down pat. I am hoping that I can share some of my photography and also my digital art later on.  We have so much that is changing in this home daily it is even hard for me to keep up with.  I might even start sharing some of my cupcake recipes.  I got lots of ideas, just need to get booking at them. 

4. Where do you shop for yourself?

I love Lane Bryant for myself.  I only buy bras from there.  I also like Cato's and Fashion Bug.  I will be glad when I can get to go to Victoria Secrets and buy a Bra.  I know that sounds funny, but I like the fancy, sexy, hardly there type bras, but with my chest the size of two large cantaloupes it sure doesn't work to by something fancy or sexy.  

5. What was the song that you danced your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding...or...what song would you like your first dance to be to?

We didn't have a dance at our wedding. :( But If it we did it would have to have been From this moment by Shania Twain.   

I hope that everyone has a great weekend! 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ode to Friends

I sometimes really miss my friends.  Sometimes it gets to the point where I just want to jump on a plane and go to Oklahoma for a few days.  I might have to do it soon to because I am a bit stir crazy.  I haven't met a friend here yet.  I know people but none of them are who I would call a friend.  I miss those Friday nights with my bff in Shawnee.  I miss having someone to go get a pedicure with.  I really want to go to a party and let my hair down (which is normally down anyways) and just have good adult conversation.  I want my house filled with laughter.  I want to have movie nights at the drive-in again.  I know we will have those days again.  It is just hard to open up to new people when you already have such good friends that are just far away.  

I found this poem and wanted to share it. It is to all my friends in Oklahoma (and KS) !! Miss and love you guys!  

Ode To My True Friend

The day I met you
I found a friend -
And a friendship that
I pray will never end.

Your smile - so sweet
And so bright -
Kept me going
When day was as dark as night.

You never ever judged me,
You understood my sorrow.
Then you told me it needn't be that way
And gave me the hope of a better tomorrow.

You were always there for me,
I knew I could count on you.
You gave me advice and encouragement
Whenever I didn't know what to do.

You helped me learn to love myself
You made life seem so good.
You said I can do anything I put my mind to
And suddenly I knew I could.

There were times when we didn't see eye to eye
And there were days when both of us cried.
But even so we made it through:
Our friendship hasn't yet died.

Circumstances have pulled us apart,
We are separated by many miles.
Truly, the only thing that keeps me going
Is my treasured memory of your smile.

This friendship we share
Is so precious to me,
I hope it grows and flourishes
And lasts unto infinity.

You are so extra-special to me
And so this to you I really must tell:
You are my one true friend,
My Guardian Angel.

Our friendship is one-in-a-million
So let's hold on to it and each other.
We cannot let this chance of pure bliss fly away
For there will never be another.

I love you.
I will always love you.

Got My Match!

I am excited! I got my match for the Valentine exchange from Ashalahblogs.  I have no idea what I will get for my secret valentine.  But what ever they get they will love!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Five Question Friday #2

Sorry this is late.  I have been a little behind the last few days and trying to play catch up with everything.

So here we go:

1. What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy?

I think growing old with out money is better than dying young and wealthy, because if you are old and broke at least you lived your life to the fullest.  

Who takes out the garbage at your house?

My hubby does. 

Have you ever had the same dream many times?

Yes many of times. 

Can you play a musical instrument?

I can play Flute, piano, bass clarinet, saxophone, some guitar. 

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?

Cupcakes and Coffee

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mississippi~ A Short History Lesson

So this might be a little odd but I decided today that I would find out a little about Mississippi.  Just moving here and still don't know anything about it. So I did a little research and found out some intresting things (at least to me). 

People who live in Mississippi or who come from Mississippi are called Mississippians.

The state of Mississippi is named after the Mississippi River. Though the river was called by many different names, the name Mississippi given to it by the Indians was the name that was used on Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle's map of the area in 1695.

The State Seal:

The State Song: 

Go, Mississippi
Words and Music by Houston Davis
States may sing their songs of praise
With waving flags and hip-hoo-rays,
Let cymbals crash and let bells ring
Cause here's one song I'm proud to sing.
Go, Mississippi, keep rolling along,
Go, Mississippi, you cannot go wrong,
Go, Mississippi, we're singing your song,
Go, Mississippi, you're on the right track,
Go, Mississippi, and this is a fact,
Go, Mississippi, you'll never look back,
Go, Mississippi, straight down the line,
Go, Mississippi, ev'rything's fine,
Go, MIssissippi, it's your state and mine,
Go, Mississippi, continue to roll,
Go, Mississippi, the top is the goal,
Go, Mississippi, you'll have and you'll hold,
Go, Mississippi, get up and go,
Go, Mississippi, let the world know,
That our Mississippi is leading the show,

The State Motto: 
-VIRTUTE et ARMIS" which means by valor and arms.

The State Bird:
Mocking Bird

The State Tree:
The Magnolia

The State Flag:

The State Quarter:

Hope you enjoyed the history lesson! 

Source: http://www.mississippi.gov/symbols.jsp

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Perfect Baked Potato

So I asked my hubby to cook dinner tonight.  I wanted baked potatoes.  Man they where good so I thought I would share the recipe on how he makes them.  The picture is my potato from dinner.

First he starts with using a big pot. He fills it with filtered water.  (he says it has to be filtered or they taste dirty)
Then adds about 1/4 cup of kosher salt.
Then adds 2 Chicken bullion cubes.
He then washes the huge potatoes that he bought.
When the water is boiling and the bullion is dissolved he adds the potatoes to the water.
He lets them cook for about 30 mins.  If you want them really firm less time, or mashy more time.
He takes them out of the water and puts them on a Cooling rack.  This allows all the water to drip off of them.
Then he yells "Dinner Time come and fix your Plate! "

We both fix ours different than each other.  I put butter, cheese, pepper, and bacon bits and sometimes sour cream.  He puts Cheese, bacon bits, pepper, and ranch dressing on his.

It is so good.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Question Friday

I decicided to join the five question friday Blog hop brought to you by Mama M. I thought this would be fun and since I just started really blogging for the world to see this week.  I need some jump off points.  So here we go..

1. Worst trouble you ever got into as a teenager?

As a teenager wow that is a hard one, cause I was rebellious but still a good kid, i didn't get really in trouble.  So I guess I will have to say that the worst thing I did was rear end someone when I was 17 because I just had a fight with my grandma and I was crying, I wasn't paying attention and it was raining.  I slid into the back of a older couple because they slammed on their brakes in the rain.  I didn't tell anyone about it because I was scared that I would go to jail.  When my dad found out he was mad because I didn't tell him or my grandparents I was in a car wreck.  

Are you a morning person or a night person?

I am so a night person.  I rather be up all night and sleep all day.  I like the quietness of the evenings. 

Are you a one-handed or a two-handed Texter?

I am a two-handed texter.  I won't have a phone if it doesn't have a keyboard on it.  

Democrat, Republican, or Independent..or maybe even Green Party (whatever that is).

I am Independent I guess. At least that is what my voters registration card says.  I don't really just vote for which ever I feel is going to do the best job, I do not vote for someone just because the party they are in. 

Are you a pet person?

I have always wanted a Great Dane.  Right now we do not have a pet.  I am hoping that in the next couple of months we get to a puppy.  

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love Challenge!

What is LOVE??

LOVE is:

That first kiss in the morning when he is leaving for work.

That time when you think you cant go another step, and he is there to hold your hand and say you can do it.

That time when you are crying because someone hurt you and he say let me at them no one hurts my baby.

When you see him become a daddy and kisses his new baby girl on the forehead and says he LOVES her.

When your little girl says I Lub you for the first time.

When you can't sleep at night and worried about him when he is on a business trip.

That moment in time when it seems the world has stopped and the only two people in the world are you and him standing there.

Rocky Road Ice Cream.


Okay so why all the mushy stuff. I guess because I have been having one of those mushy moments lately. The words "I LOVE YOU" get said in this house so much. I asked myself do we say it so much because we have to remind ourselves that we love each other? Then it got me thinking, no we say it because we like to hear it and we really LOVE each other. My daughter ever since she could say it she has said it to me at least 10 times a day. They don't go out the door in the morning with out yelling I LOVE YOU to me as they are leaving for work and school. As soon as she gets in the van after school we say I LOVE You. When I don't say the words back she will repeat herself over and over until I say it back. I can't say me too or ditto.. I have to say I LOVE YOU. I LOVE that she loves to tell me she LOVES me and I LOVE hearing her say it. I LOVE hearing my husband say I LOVE you babe.

So here is my challenge to you.

Tell that someone special in your life you LOVE them. Tell them it at least 5 times a day.
They may think you are crazy at first, but it will make you and them feel better.
Get in the habit of telling them I LOVE YOU every time they go out the door and every phone call. Even if you are fighting tell them I LOVE YOU. Let me know how it goes.



Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking back over 2009

I decided that my resolution for 2010 is to start blogging with meaning.

So I thought I would start by looking back over 2009 and what I remember the most of it.

I was in school to be a Medical Assistant. (that started in 2008) But anyways.. I am doing well in school and things in our lives are doing alright. We are happy. We decided that the 4 bedroom apartment that we had because we had foster kids in 2008, we no longer needed. So in May we decided we would move to a smaller place. I remember that month like it was yesterday. I started packing up the apartment, getting rid of things. I called my Grandma to see how she was doing. She was having surgery soon, so I called her often. She told me that she was excited for the surgery and that when I come down to get Sephy that we will go shopping. Oh how she loved to go shopping. So I remember talking to her the night before her surgery and she again told me, I am so happy and ready to do this. This is the best thing for me. I was scared because I couldn't come down to Texas to be with her. I was on my externship and almost done with school. So I told her I loved her and that I would talk to her when she woke up and that I would see her soon. I remember trying to stay so busy at work that day. I would text my Aunt and ask her if she had any news. No news Grandma was still in surgery. At around 8 my aunt called me and told me she was out of surgery and doing okay. At 10:30 I got that dreaded call. The call that I will never forget. My Aunt Sue called me and told me Reese Grandma's gone. I screamed. I have never felt so angry in my life. No matter how much you realize you have been angry at your spouse, girlfriend, or even your mom and dad. This didn't compare. I was mad at God, at the doctors. How could this happen. I was devastated and I was alone in my huge apartment. No one to hold my hand or to hug and comfort me. At that moment I just yelled out at God. Why did you take her from us. I never realized how hard it would be to loose her. That next week I remember some of the things that happened but a lot of it I think I blocked out because it is so painful. I miss her everyday and will always miss her.
For the next two months I made the drive to Texas and spent the weekends with my Grandpa. One Sunday My husband picked up the want ads and saw a job posting for an IT Manager in Mississippi. See at the time we where living in Oklahoma City. Our family is in Texas and now he wants us apply for a job in Mississippi.. I am like OMG no way. But if you want to try for it go ahead. Maybe this is the answer to my prayers to get me out of Oklahoma. But I wanted to go back to Texas closer to my family not further away from them. He applied for it on Monday and by Thursday we where in Jackson, MS.. Wow I have never been East only North and West. We drove 2 hrs the next morning to a little town called Laurel. Wow the place is so pretty. The trees in MS are huge and so green, everything is green. I was impressed. I fell in love with this little town. The people here where great. Everyone was so nice. It felt like somewhere I could raise our daughter and Start a new life away from all the memories of 2008 that where haunting me. So his interview last like 7hrs. What kind of interview last that long??? So he doesn't get a job offer before we leave. I was hoping he would have. So weeks go by and finally the administrator calls him and offers him a job. So he has to be there is 2 weeks. I am like wow 2 weeks. So back to packing I went again. Moved in May to a smaller place and now I am moving in August to a far away place. When we left Oklahoma, I was sad to leave my friends "my family" that I grown to love to be there for me and to support me. We took a week to get to MS. We spent it with my family. I spent most of it with my Pawpa. I needed to spend it with him. He misses his wife just as I miss his wife. So we take that trip to the East. What a long trip it is. I had lots of time to myself that trip. Hubby in the moving ruck and me and my kiddo in the van. I prayed a lot that trip. I prayed for a new start, a new life away from the negative. When we got here on Sept 4th. It felt like a whole new beginning. We loved the house that the Realtor is renting us. It is a cute little house. The only draw back was the rain. It rained almost the whole month of September. Sephy started school the first part of October. We decided it would be better for her to make friends at school than to keep homeschooling her. She loves it. She is learning the Violin, and she has friends. We have a wonderful church family.
Life is good here. I am so blessed to be here in Mississippi.
Christmas time and we get to go home to Texas!! YEAH!!! I was counting down the days. But come the 9th of December we are rear-ended. So I was like great we aren't getting to go home. But the insurance came through in time and we got a rental car the day before we where leaving to head to Texas. The trip took us 11 hrs to get to my moms. I was exhausted. We slept for a bit and went shopping. Christmas Eve was so not a normal Christmas eve for us. It snowed and was Icy. I didn't get to see all my family. Worst yet I missed my grandma even more. It was a nice evening. I got to meet the newest member of our family. She is such a precious little girl. I already miss holding her. It was quite and an intimate Christmas eve. I really did enjoy it, but so missed seeing some of my family, and most of all my Grandma. Christmas day was great. Sephy had a wonderful morning and got almost everything she wanted. She was a happy little girl! We had a great trip and some good times and some sad times. I miss my family but was so happy to be home in Mississippi!!!! So with that being said.. we brought in the new year asleep on the couch as a peaceful happy family. I had a those ups and downs in 2009 but I think this year is just getting better and better and it is only 11 days into it so far.