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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Forms of Apologizing

When you decide that chunking a bottle cap at the person in the next booth over because, heck, you didn't have a parent around to tell you not to do it, there are several ways you should apologize.

1.  Get out of you seat and walk over to the table where you just chunked the bottle cap at and say Please forgive me. I did not mean to do that.
2. When the person turns around and says That was uncalled for, you quickly say " I AM SORRY!"
3.  Just say I AM SORRY!

What you do not want to do:

1. Laugh and giggle
2. Say MY BAD!!!

What the heck is up with saying MY BAD???? Did parents forget to teach their children the words I am sorry ?   Seriously??  Did they forget how to teach them to behave when eating at a restaurant too?   I have noticed more and more that children do not have manners and it is driving me crazy.  Teach your children when they do something wrong to apologize not say MY BAD!  Teach them to be remorseful for doing something wrong.  If they don't realize they are doing something wrong then how will they realize that they are doing something wrong when you finally point it out after they are behind bars.  Teach your children manners for the sake of other people around them or just don't let them out in public since you don't want to watch them anyways when you are out in public or you let your teen child watch them and they don't say anything either.

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