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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We are going to be a Host Family!!

It is official!! 
We will become a host family for exchange students starting in 2011!!! Whoo hoo!!!! 
I am excited.  Can ya tell?? 
We have hosted in the past when Sephy was little.  It has been over 4 years since we have had an exchange student.  We had our ups and downs in the past with them but I contribute a lot of it to the fact that we where so young.  Sephy was 4 and 5 and Dusty and I where still in our 20's.  The kids where like not even 10 years younger than us.  It is kindda hard to be taking care of teenagers when you your self aren't grown up yet.  So, we stopped and decided to grow up some more, be set financially helps too.  Although you do not have to pay for them to live here, you do have to provide, food and shelter.  Since we can provide this for them with out it putting a financial drain on us we started to look into it.  

We choose a company that is our of California.  It is called AYUSA.  I have had a great experience with them so far.  Great Communication! I strike that, We are looking forward to hosting.  Sephy is overly excited because she will have someone to "hang" with.  

We have our student picked already for next school year.  She has a lot of the same interest as Sephy. She jumped out at us when we where looking at students the other night.  When I get to start communicating with her I will ask if I can share about her.  

I am so excited about this! I can't wait! 

If you are interested in hosting an exchange student and would like more information let me know and I can help you out! 

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