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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


On Sunday, my pastor spoke about grieving and how to deal with it.  My first reaction was I know this topic all to well after loosing both my grandmothers.  But, it did prepare me for the news I received last night that my Great Aunt Janice passed away.  Then today we received news that was really upsetting but I was asked not to share what it is on the internet.  I am full of sadness right now.

God has plans for us.  He knows when it is our time.  He also has a place for you in his kingdom when you die.  Last night I felt him wrap his arms around me and show me his presence when I heard the news of my aunt died.  I will trust him with his plans for my other family member that is going through something really hard right now.  I wish I could be the one there wrapping my arms around them and helping them through this difficult time.

I pray that God gives my family the strength they need to get through some of these difficult times ahead.  I pray that God shines his light to them and they will know him and that his plan is what you should trust.

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