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Friday, July 15, 2011

When is enough, ENOUGH?

I am the first one to admit I SPOIL my child.  She is my only one. It is very easy to say yes, yes, yes when you don't have to worry about saying no, no, no  because there is no one else to say yes to.  I am thinking that all the yeses are starting to pile up and its just getting to much for me.

Persephone is an animal lover, me not so much.  My husband really isn't an animal lover at all.  In fact if it was up to him animals wouldn't exist.  In over a year we went from no animals when we moved here to Laurel to having 4.  It started with a small caged animal our rabbit Midnight.  She is easy, in fact out of all the animals, she is Dusty's favorite.  He spoils her with fruits and veggies, even buys pumpkin seeds for her.  Then she wanted a dog, so we surprised her last summer with Captain.  He is a great, funny looking, rescue I got her.  He is a great dog. Minds, knows commands and tricks.  Just likes to visit the neighbors from time to time.  Then we got Macee, she is a cute little dog but pees every time she sees you or you talk to her or just walk out the door.  But she doesn't run off and she stays close to home.  Plus she is just cute.  These 3 animals are maintenance free really.


She wants a horse, not a big horse just a Miniature one.  Okay I am thinking she can handle this little horse.  She has been showing her friends minis and does well with them so we said YES.  A friend of mine help me to find one.  She found him, he was cheap, just he was a stud, so we had to geld him.  So money is going right out the door left and right because, first, I have NO, I mean NO idea what all we need to have for this new guy.  So yes the horse is cheap but everything else isn't.  The money just adds up and it isn't like we can't afford for her to do it but it was just a lot all of a sudden.  But the money isnt why I am writing....

So here is Persephone with her horse "Mars the Star", I love this little horse but I think I love him more than she does, but the deal was, she gets the horse she has to care for the horse, right.   Well she goes every morning to feed him.  That is all she seems to want to do is feed him.  She hates to give him water because it is WORK.  Well today I had enough because it seems like the only time his water is actually filled to the top is when I am going down there to help her get ready for a show.  I had ENOUGH.   So I yelled at her and told her I didn't care anymore because I was tired and hot and I shouldn't have to get mad at her because her horse, yes YOUR HORSE, doesn't have water.  (he had water last night btw, his keeper verified that for me) But the point of my madness was that it seems that she doesn't care.  She wants to be able to show up at a show all dressed nice show the horses, get a ribbon, and go home.  That is what she thought horse ownership was like until she realized how much work it truly is.  A part of me wants to just sell the horse and be done, but what does that teach her?  If you don't like the work, just go to the next thing that is easy.  I don't want a lazy child at all.  I want her to know that she has to work and take care of the things that belong to her.

So when do I say enough is enough before I go insane because she just doesn't get it???
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I say No a lot. I have 2 kids, but... ya know sometimes yes isnt always best. We thought long ago that we can spoil in some ways but not all. Spoiling with love is great. Spoiling them with everything they want teaches them that in life you will get what you want when you want it. And not have to work for it. So ESPECIALLY after the age of 9 or 10, we tell them if they want something they have to work for it. The same way we have to work for the things we want. Work to earn it and they treat the things they worked for WAY better than the things just given. They have more respect for them. And later on will be able to hold a job. Even when it sucks lol. Love ya girl. I would probably sell the horse. As cute as it is. If she wants another one she could work for it. The horse cant water itself. And like you said it shouldnt be your responsibility. That horse depends on the humans in its life to take care of it. Maybe some other little girl or boy would love to take on that job and love it.

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