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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Real Life Glee

(This was before the show)

My daughter is in her schools show choir. She loves it.  She got a taste of it last year in elementary school and this year she is in it full time in the middle school.  I tease her that one day she might end up on Glee.  She says no she is just doing this for fun. It isn't going to be her career.  I would love if she does well enough that she can get a scholarship singing and dancing.  She has high goals of going to Harvard but will settle for Auburn.  I really hope she gets to Harvard, but I don't think this mommy can afford that. 

Well her first show was last Thursday. They call it the Fall Showcase.  It gives the Middle and High school a chance to practice in front of people.  I took a few shots with my cell phone. I ran off and forgot my camera.  Forgive me but the rest of these might be a little blurry.  They sang Lets Get Loud. Celebration and one other song and for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.  Their theme is Rock.  So all the songs are rock songs through out the times.  

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