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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Perfect Baked Potato

So I asked my hubby to cook dinner tonight.  I wanted baked potatoes.  Man they where good so I thought I would share the recipe on how he makes them.  The picture is my potato from dinner.

First he starts with using a big pot. He fills it with filtered water.  (he says it has to be filtered or they taste dirty)
Then adds about 1/4 cup of kosher salt.
Then adds 2 Chicken bullion cubes.
He then washes the huge potatoes that he bought.
When the water is boiling and the bullion is dissolved he adds the potatoes to the water.
He lets them cook for about 30 mins.  If you want them really firm less time, or mashy more time.
He takes them out of the water and puts them on a Cooling rack.  This allows all the water to drip off of them.
Then he yells "Dinner Time come and fix your Plate! "

We both fix ours different than each other.  I put butter, cheese, pepper, and bacon bits and sometimes sour cream.  He puts Cheese, bacon bits, pepper, and ranch dressing on his.

It is so good.

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Those potatoes look GOOD!! Man! You guys can move back here and make those for me LOLOL! So glad you all are doing well. Sounds as if Mississippi is good for you. :-) One day we may get out of this state.

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