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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love Challenge!

What is LOVE??

LOVE is:

That first kiss in the morning when he is leaving for work.

That time when you think you cant go another step, and he is there to hold your hand and say you can do it.

That time when you are crying because someone hurt you and he say let me at them no one hurts my baby.

When you see him become a daddy and kisses his new baby girl on the forehead and says he LOVES her.

When your little girl says I Lub you for the first time.

When you can't sleep at night and worried about him when he is on a business trip.

That moment in time when it seems the world has stopped and the only two people in the world are you and him standing there.

Rocky Road Ice Cream.


Okay so why all the mushy stuff. I guess because I have been having one of those mushy moments lately. The words "I LOVE YOU" get said in this house so much. I asked myself do we say it so much because we have to remind ourselves that we love each other? Then it got me thinking, no we say it because we like to hear it and we really LOVE each other. My daughter ever since she could say it she has said it to me at least 10 times a day. They don't go out the door in the morning with out yelling I LOVE YOU to me as they are leaving for work and school. As soon as she gets in the van after school we say I LOVE You. When I don't say the words back she will repeat herself over and over until I say it back. I can't say me too or ditto.. I have to say I LOVE YOU. I LOVE that she loves to tell me she LOVES me and I LOVE hearing her say it. I LOVE hearing my husband say I LOVE you babe.

So here is my challenge to you.

Tell that someone special in your life you LOVE them. Tell them it at least 5 times a day.
They may think you are crazy at first, but it will make you and them feel better.
Get in the habit of telling them I LOVE YOU every time they go out the door and every phone call. Even if you are fighting tell them I LOVE YOU. Let me know how it goes.



4 Acts of Love..:


Ya know, truer words have not been spoken. All too often those 3 words are thrown around without much thought as to what they really mean. Sometimes it is a reflex, or just used out of habit, we need to seriously consider why we say it and make it a point, as you said, to say it to a person with whom we REALLY mean it.


LOVE this post!!


What a lovely post. I really liked it!
Thank you so much for delurking on my blog today :-)


Love is also being respected, yes as an individual, also as part of the great blog community. One good New Years Resolution is to join other bloggers and take a step towards transparency from the companies who profit from your blog writing by NOT writing April 15, 2010.

Let private companies like Lijit and public one’s like Google know: you know they have not been transparent about what they make from our blogs; what % they share with US, the people creating the content they use and re-sell at great profit.

If you can’t keep your fingers from working on April 15th, 2010, then ask companies like Lijit, Google, or any other currently profiting from you blog this basic question:

What do you make from my work? What % are you sharing with me?

Your UNION, P.U.B., Publisher’s Union of Bloggers, has asked these simple questions from companies such as Lijit and Google, and they have either not answered (Google) or used personal attacks and threatened legal action against P.U.B. and its members (Lijit).

Why? Google, Lijit, and other’s profiting from publishers plan on there being no power among independent, freethinking writers. 'They will never act as a group, never ask us to be transparent, we can pay them whatever we want, if anything'

Is your creative work worth asking this simple question?
Then ask it, April 15th, 2010, and tell your publishing peers to ask for it too.

Keep up spreading the love,


Barney Moran
Founder, P.U.B.

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