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Monday, February 22, 2010

Eating right for you type??

So my hubby is swearing by Dr. Peter D'Adamo's books Eat Right For 4 Your Type.  So we tested our blood to see what blood type we are and decided to start this "NEW" way of eating.  I am Type B and he is Type O Both of us are positives.  So there is this huge list of foods we have to avoid.  The #1 and #2 foods we eat the most are the foods we can't have anymore.. UGH.. Chicken and Wheat... It is the Lectin in the Chicken that I can't eat and the Gluten in the Wheat.  So needless to say I am going on day 5 with no Bread and No Chicken and let me tell you it hasn't been easy.  I can't have corn either.. Just Rice and some other grains.. not to sure it is starting to all blur together already.  So mostly we eat Beef and Fish now.  Lots of Veggies.  It is keeping us from eating out unless we go to a sit down restaurant.  Which is hard to do around here because there is only 2 places we can eat and neither one of them is the best in the world.  I have lost like 5 lbs since Thursday.  I have noticed that I have a lot of energy that I hadn't had before, even with being sick with a viral cold.  I even noticed that my skin is loose, which drives me nuts, but I guess that is to happen if I am going to loose weight.

So you are wondering why are we all of a sudden changing our eating habits right??
Well if not that is okay, I am still going to tell you.  LOL.....

Most of my family knows that 9yrs ago Dusty had a vasectomy, well he had a test and it either healed or one of the tubes grew back or he had a 3rd tube either way.. he is spitting out those little tadpoles and we can try and have a baby.  So with his odd and my weight it for sure won't happen.  But if I loose weight and we increase our eating healthy lifestyle, plus some medical intervention we might possibly have another baby of our own.   So we are trying what we must to have our own child.

I was so excited for the news, now I just want to shred this weight so we can get pregnant.

So I think starting tonight I will post what we had for dinner.. So if your type B or type O it can help you if you decided to do the same.

3 Acts of Love..:


Good luck Cherees. I am happy for you guys. And hope it works. Prayers for you guys. :o) YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Welcome to this new way of eating. Turkey is on your list, and will work in any way that you were eating chicken. I am an A secretor and a Warrior, I have been eating this way for over 15 years, as has my family.
I encourage you to visit www.dadamo.com for the times you stumble and need support, we also have great recipes. The website is run by Dr. D'Adamo who stops by now and then. I also encourage you to take a look at Live Right for Your Type it goes a bit deeper into something called secretor status to refine your diet further. Hope to see you there, Andrea AW secretor.



Thanks for stopping by. I visit his site almost daily if not more. Some of my ideas will come from there but I will change them to suit our taste. It is going to be a long journey just getting use to it. The wheat is the hardest part of it all. I think once we get the spelt flour we ordered it might make it a lot easier.


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