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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

School Project- Family Tree

My monkey had to do a family tree. It wasn't to hard to do.  It was a family project so we all had to work on it.  So I sat down with her yesterday and we got it done in about an hour.  They started a black history unit at school and this was the project she had to go along with it.  She really had a good time putting it together.  

Here she is with holding the poster.  (please excuse the background, hubby shot this picture this morning before school and didn't think about the background and I was still in bed.)  

We used this from www.wordle.net as a little bit of art work on it. 
If you click on the picture it will take you to it so you can see it bigger.  
For some reason it just doesn't look that great here. 

Wordle: My family

At the top she wanted to put My Family in French which is Ma Famille, I should have used white chalk.

We used this picture for her picture:  

This one of her daddy:

And this one of me.. (I covered my tat with my name, She picked out all the pictures to use.)
(I don't take pictures well and all the pictures I have that have me in them seem to have my hubby or monkey in them with me and we had to use one of just me.  This one she liked the best.)

I think that it was a lot of fun to put the tree together.  Monkey had a lot of fun doing it and She learned the names of some of her grandparents that are no longer with us.  She said momma I didn't realize that so many of our family is gone.  I told her that its okay they are all waiting on us.  

Grandma Rose
Mawma Bristow
Grampa Mike

We all love and  miss you and can't wait to see you on the other side!  

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