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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Princess is driving me crazy...

I pick up my princess from school today. Ask her the same thing I always do when she gets in the car. 

Mom: How was your day? 

Princess:  Good. 

Mom:  Thats good.  Do you have any homework? 

Princess: Yes

This is how almost everyday plays out. So we get home and Tuesday is folder day where they send home all her work and a weekly citizenship grades.  Except today we get her progress report.  I about flipped.  She has C, D and a F.  I was lived mind you.  I expect her to have A's and B's.  There is no reason she shouldn't.  Half the stuff she is doing we have already covered when we where homeschooling.  There are a few things that are new and if she doesn't understand them then we work on them. So I thought.  Well she isn't turning in her homework or she isn't doing her class work.  I was mad.  So I get her notebook out and we go through it.  There are papers in there in different spot that she hasn't done.  So I asked her about it.  She knows she is in trouble because 1st now she is caught. I see that they pages aren't done.  I told her flat out.  You wanted to go to school.  This is something you have chosen to do.  If you are going to go to school you are going to do it right.  If she was home she doesn't get grades but all her work has to be done before she is able to play or watch tv or get on the computer.  So it should be the same at school in my opinion.  Her school is a magnet school.  So much "fun" things to do.  I choose to put her in that school so she could have all the options for learning through the arts.  I am thinking maybe I should have just stuck with homeschooling.  At least I am not having to worry about her failing her classes.   Why is she acting this way I ask myself.  Why isn't she doing her classwork.  What is causing her not to do her homework?  It isn't distractions.  The TV isn't on when she is doing her homework?  Is is because she is just being defiant and not caring at all if she does well.  I so Wish I knew.  I wish that I could sit in the corner and her not know I am there at school to see what exactly what she is doing.  I requested a conference and hubby wants to go with me.  He is upset too.  She shouldn't be failing her classes.  I don't want to put her back on ADD meds.  But I have this feeling that is where it is going to end up because she has to succeed even if she is 10.  I want her to go to a good college and if she doesn't learn good study habits now, they wont be good in high school.  
Am I asking to much of her??   

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Awwww.. Its ok!! She is ADJUSTING! Its a major thing for her. She went from the comfort of home, to a new state, a classroom, Lots of kids around her that she doesnt know. Being the new kid is hard. Ask more specific questions, Did you pick out a book today? What was it? What did you do for art today? Are the other kids nice to you? How do you like your teacher? Very specific. You get a lot more answers that way. You can also discuss with the teacher about having you sign stuff at night. Like if she doesnt finish something, its to be brought home and you have a list of what she didnt do. They have agendas here at the schools that they are to write their assignments in. The teachers sign them and they can highlight etc what NEEDS to be done. And then you sign them at night when its complete. Its going to be ok. Either way you choose to go. She needs to understand you are all new. Remember the heart to hearts. Have those often. Let her know you know how she feels being the new kid. But that these grades in school do reflect what she knows. And she should always show her best and show how smart she really is. I doubt the meds are necessary. She may just be doing the defiant stuff over the moving, the structure, LOTS of changes for a 10 year old to handle. Your doing great! You know how to get ahold of me hun.. Im almost always around.

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