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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I got a gift con't....

I wonder what is in the box??? 
Isn't it so nicely wrapped..

Oh another box inside the pretty white box.. 

See the Pretty Blue Box that was inside the white box?  

Aww look its a bracelet. Didn't see that coming did we?? I was thinking it was a necklace. 

It is really pretty.  It is Sapphires and Ruby's in White Gold.  

Here is close-up of it.  I don't quite know why the color changed and I couldn't get it any better.  
If anyone out there knows how to photograph jewelery and can fill me in on the secret please let me know. 

Thank you my sweet dear husband and my beautiful princess.  I really love it!! 

4 Acts of Love..:


What was the gift for? Valentines Day is over and it's too soon for your birthday.

Proud Wifey And Mommii of 3

Aww it is very Beautiful!!!


Really beautiful!


I think that it was a just because gift. Normally he gets me something special for V-day but I got a new mouse the week before so I told him not to get me anything. I didn't ask him what it was for because him and Sephy picked it out and tried to be secretive about it. I knew I was getting something but didn't know what it was. :D

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