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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color Splash~ Yellow

I didn't get to participate last week because we where out of town.  I am sometimes really slow when it comes to doing new pictures because I have this I am not good enough feeling to them.  I am great at editing and bring a photo to life but the ones SOTC are always so sad to me.

Color Splash Sunday is brought to you by Artistically Amy.


With us on our new diet we (or Dusty will say him) spend more time in the kitchen.  I looked around and around my house for something yellow.  That is not something we have a lot of.  I have this one cutting board that is yellow so that is what my shot is of my small task cutting board.  With my Wolfgang Puck Suduko  knife.  Which btw are great knives and I have 4 of them in different sizes. If you are looking for good knives I recommend them.

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