Our New Life

Friday, March 12, 2010

Raw (e) First Post

I love this idea of posting a raw unedited picture. This is my first time to join in.  

If you would like to join in please hop on over to Sailor & Company and join in the fun 

I had lots of ideas but none of them seemed to work.  I sure hope that this looks like what I wanted it to. 

post a crayon photo
unedited (don't touch it or crop it or enhance it AT ALL)
don't post until you put your picture on your blog
link to your post not your url so I don't have to dig for it
only post ONE photo!

This is Sephy's Picture here!  
She wanted to do her own picture with the crayon theme. 

Notice that its smiling?  She crushed the orange crayon and then put it in water and opened it up and this is what it came out as.  She was impressed.