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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anger much?

Today on the way home from picking up Sephy from school and the hubster from work, we where driving down the same road we always go.  Well one of the two ways we go.  There where some teenage boys out throwing a football across the street. I slowed down so that they knew I didn't want them throwing it over my van.  Well they ended up throwing it and I made a comment to my hubby that if that ball hits my van I hope that he gets out and gets them.  That isn't what he heard at all.  He said boy talk about someone who needs anger management.  He thought I said I was going to get out and pop them for hitting my van with a ball.  He was like slam on the breaks get out of the car and just pop them both and jump back in the car and drive off.  I was like oh yeah sure. I am not about to jump out of my van and try to hit two big boys just because they hit my van.  But I would make them pay for any damages that is for sure.  

I think that sometimes I do pop off on things with out thinking and the last couple of weeks I have seemed to do it more than normal.  BUT I will not at all harm someone for their stupid acts.  

I guess sometimes my brain just doesn't want to work right.  I sure hope that it gets back to normal soon.  


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