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Monday, April 5, 2010

Jaguars, Tigers, and maybe a bear..

I love this saying! 

I decided Thursday that since she is out of school on Friday we will head to the Zoo.  The Zoo here takes about 30 mins to walk around.  Maybe 30 animals if that to see.  It is by far not they type of Zoo we are accustomed to.  The Zoo's in Texas and Oklahoma take most the day to see the entire thing. We did the whole zoo and I used it the opportunity to take some new pics of my Princess.  She is growing up way to fast.  I want her to stay that cute little girl.  

She wouldn't just jump from the ground up, so she jumped off the rock.  

Oh and this was her attempt at dressing herself and having her own style.  I didn't buy them or piece the outfit together, she did it all on her own. 

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