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Thursday, April 15, 2010

God Watches over us all....

Today I thought was going to be a normal payday Thursday. 

God had something else planned.

I did my normal morning routine, Shower, get dressed, brush teeth and we all headed out the door. 

I took Sephy to the Doctor.  It was a fast appointment. Just renewing her meds and she did a once over on her and said she looked like she was getting taller.  Got our Rx and left. 

Stopped by the Library, picked up 8 new books for Sephy to read and 1 for me (that was for her but I read the first chapter and said nope I ain't letting her read this.)

I take Persephone to school and then head to the Pharmacy.  Pay $30 bucks for her Rx.  

Head home for a moment to pick up my Giveaway Necklaces so that I can mail them. 

Head to the post office.  

I drive past the post office, thinking to myself.  Yeah there are parking spots in the front, so I turn around and I am sitting at the stop sign to turn.  All of a Sudden all the parking spaces where full but ONE.  That one was going to be mine.  So I wait and wait for all the cars to go by so that I can turn.  A red car is slowing down and I am like NO NO NO that is my parking spot.  (this is all in my head mind you)  So this red car goes to Park. 

I am sitting there watching her.  She pulls in and goes to stop. 


Instead she Plows into the side of the POST OFFICE.  

I was like OMG.  Lord please let her be okay.  Please don't let her be bleeding I do not want to get blood on my new shirt.  ( I know selfish of me, but really I wouldn't have cared I can always buy new clothes) 

Finally I can cross the street.  Guess What I got the parking spot I was going for.  

I flew out of my van.  My cell phone was already in my hand as I walked really fast to her, because another man was standing there talking to her already.  I called 911 told the lady.  Hi my name is Cherees R------- I am at the Central Post office at the end of Magnolia and a Lady just ran into the post office.  ( I know that she is thinking on the other end, so everyone is running into the post office today. because not until after that did It dawn on me today is tax day.)  So I told the dispatcher that I need an ambulance.  She said okay one is on the way.  

I talked to the lady.  I said Hi My name is Cherees.  What is your name.  She said Gloria.  I was like nice to meet you.  Are you hurting anywhere.  She said yes my knees.  I told her I don't want you to move until the EMTs get here because it isnt safe.  I asked her if there was anyone she wanted me to call because if they don't take you to the ER you are going to need a ride.  I called someone for her.  I stayed and just kept her talking until the EMT got there.  

I had to even help the EMTs with the car door because it kept shutting on them.  

I had to stay there until they got her in the ambulance and the car onto the wrecker, because of that oh so cherished parking space.  

Gloria is okay, they did take her to the ER just to make sure but she was talking and was just in pain.  Her pretty Red car is all crushed. 

My nerves are still a little shaken because of the what if's.   
 I am thankful that Gloria is okay.  
I am thankful that I was there to help and talk to her.  
I am thankful that God was watching over her and that she hit the side of the building instead of the railing that would have made the nose of her car fall into it and it could have been worse. 
I am thankful that God made me wait for that cherished parking spot. 

But, I never did go into the Post Office today because after that I just wanted to leave that area and spend time with my husband.  

I pray that Gloria is okay and that God is still watching over her and that she is safe at home. 

The rest of my day was very uneventful compared to my morning. 

Had lunch with hubby. 

Picked up Sephy from school. 

Went to the grocery store. 

Went home. 

Ate Dinner. 

Blogged about my morning. 


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