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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Birth Story of My Princess

How my baby girl came into the world. 

Sephy was due on August 11th. They scheduled me to be induced at midnight, which was a Wednesday. They started the pitocin and I never really had real contractions so they SENT ME HOME!! 

I was like what! Why are you sending me home?? 

They where like she just isn't ready to come into the world yet.  

They set me back up to come back in on Thursday/Friday at Midnight.  

So we start the process all over again.  Pitocin and then in the early hours my blood pressure went up.  They gave me the magnesium.  

Around 9 or 10am everyone that was there waiting it out with US decided to go down stairs to get some food.  

My daddy stayed with me.  I told him that I needed to go pee.  I stood up to go to the restroom and my dad was standing there and I "peed" on myself.  I was so upset.  I just started to cry and stood there with this "pee" running all over the place and saying I can't believe I just "peed" on myself in front of my dad.  My dad ran to get a nurse to help me since I was in shock.  The nurse comes in and goes sweetie you didn't pee on yourself.  Your water just broke.  As soon as she said that and I took a deep breath my contractions started coming really hard. 

My dad ran or walked I don't really know since I was in my room, and went to get Dusty and let him know that my water broke.  

The doctor came in and said I think that it is time to get an epidural and I told her I really didn't want one.  She said sweetheart you are going to need one because the baby's heart rate keeps going up and down.  

So I get my epi.  The nurse and the anesthesiologist where shocked because I stayed so still even through off the chart contractions.  To be honest they really weren't that bad.  Just like a really bad cramp.  

I slept off and on after I got my Epi. around 4ish the doctor comes in and says well we need to take her and take her now because your still not dilated and her heart rate keeps changing.  They get me prepped and off to the OR I go to have a c-section. 

Sephy was born into this world at 5:45pm on Friday August 13, 1999. She weighed 6lbs 10oz and was 19inches long. 

Yes I have a FRIDAY the 13th Baby!!! 

This was the first time I got to see her.

They are weighing my baby girl.

I can't believe how young and small I look.

This is part of Mother's Day Mania brought to you by Mama M.


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