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Friday, May 14, 2010

My 1st Blog Award

Mary over at The Englar Fam gave me an award!  This is my first Award so I was pretty excited! 
Thank you Mary. 

I am to write 10 things that I love.  These are in no particular order. 

1. My Lord and Savior.  With him I can accomplish anything. 

2. My hubby.  He is the roots in my tree and helps keep me going. He supports me no matter what and always has my back. 

3. My baby girl.  The love she shows to others makes me so happy. 

4. Ice Cream.  Oh my only down fall of weight loss is because there is that sugary cold creamy treat. I could eat it for every meal.  I have a weakness for it. 

5. Music.  I have to have it playing almost all the time.  I love playing my flute.  It relieves so much stress too. When things are going bad and I just need to relax. Picking up my flute helps.

6. My family.  I love all of them. (even those crazy ones that drive me nuts) I miss having my family close by. 

7. Life long Friends.  I love that the when you think that you have lost touch and might never get to talk to them, some how they find a way back into your life when you need to hear from them the most.  (This is an upcoming blog post) 

8.  My computer.  I know its just an electronic device, BUT without my computer I would probably be depressed all the time.  It is my #1 way to communicate with my Family and my Friends.  Being 8 to 12 hrs from them it does get lonely here in Mississippi. 

9.  Meeting New People.  I tend to stay to myself but secretly I do love meeting new people.  I just wish I knew how to build a relationship with people I do meet. 

10.  Photography.  I love being able to make art from my photos. My daughter is my favorite model. :) 

Now I get to pass on this award to 10 lovely people and their blogs that I love. These are in no particular order…

Jody and Lena: Mommy Moment

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