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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's in your medicine cabinet?

I think we are all a little guilty of wanting to look and see what is inside someone's medicine cabinets. 
It is like lets see if we can find out a little bit about a person by what's inside that little cabinet behind the mirror.
I decided I would give you a look into my Medicine Cabinets.  I have two of them. One behind the mirror and the other above the toilet.  These only thing I did was size them smaller.  I didn't remove anything.  

This was behind the mirror.  Most of the stuff in here is my hubby's.  There are a few things I stuck in there because there wasn't room for them in the other cabinet and they where small and all the free samples I keep getting.  The top shelf has: Hotel Lotions, Drakkar, Sample Deodorants, Travel Shaving Cream, HeadLube (lotion for my hubby's bald head), Tummy med, Gummy Vitamins, and a sample Toothpaste. The Middle shelf:  Razor, nose spray, contact case and saline, antibacterial hand gel, and cold sore med. The bottom shelf:  Teeth stuff, a comb, old razor, vitamins, and toothpaste samples. There are a couple of rubber bands in there too. 
This one is my catch all cabinet.  There is way to much in here that I am not going to label it all out.  

So what is in your Medicine Cabinet?? 

Let me know if you make a post so I can make sure I jump over there and check out what's in your medicine cabinet.  
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